Speech of the President Jahjaga, at the Consultative Council on Communities

Honourable member of the Consultative Council on Communities
Honourable representatives of the institutions and organisations supporting this Council
Honourable ladies and gentlemen;

Honourable representatives of the Serbian, Bosniak, Turk, Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian, Gorani, Montenegrin and Croatian communities; you represent the most important forum in which best representative policies are discussed at the institutions of Kosovo. With your work and concrete engagement you are proving that multi-ethnic Kosovo and our linguistic, cultural and religious diversity, our reality, are values which honour us all, and with which our society feels proud. Institutions of Kosovo are wirking hard to, and are dedicated in making sure that members of every community enjoy all their rights, guaranteed by law, and to cherish and cultivate our cultural and religious identity, as part of the heritage of the Republic of Kosovo.
With concrete work and engagement, this Council represents one of the most important Constitutional categories of the Republic of Kosovo and is the right place at which the voice of communities is heard and where they articulate their rights, requirements and their needs.
Kosovo as a young state, which is building democracy successfully and is strengthening its international subjectivity, is today at a very important processes, which are in function of the realization of our main objective, integration in the large European family, and at the same time, both as institutions and citizens, it is our obligation to finish our home work related to respect of rights and freedoms of every citizen of Kosovo, irrespective of their ethnic, religious or cultural background.
Kosovo today is on its path of European integrations, determined and devoted to become an inseparable part of EU, as a state of law, all inclusive and democratic, a state of peace and stability, an inseparable part of free nations. We have made great advances in fulfilment of our obligations, not only for the sake of EU, but for the sake of our citizens and their better future.  This is why we are we are justly expecting to conclude the visa liberalisation process and signing of the Stabilisation-Association Agreement, which will open a new chapter in relations with EU.
And we carry great responsibilities, to build democratic practices in a state of parliamentary democracy, where rules and laws are respected. Democracy means dialogue and discussions, and not scenes of street violence and crisis which slow down the advancement of the society. I call upon all parliamentary parties, all leaders of political parties, to bring back their dialogue inside the Parliament of Kosovo, as an institution of the representatives of the people, and thus help in finding of solutions which advance the developmental processes of the country.
Kosovo is in need of internal dialogue and we must enable it, leaving aside the disagreements and party differences, thinking of the citizen, of the country, and its progress.
Honourable participants,
Through working groups, Consultative Council on Communities is providing its contribution to realization of rights of communities in all fields of life, especially through its contribution in drafting of legislation in conformity with highest international norms in education, usage of languages, social issues and employment, as well as culture. This is a very important role in addressing of all needs of communities and finding of solutions in conformity with the laws in force and utilisation of best international practices.
For this reason, the Consultative Council on Communities, must continue its good work in representation of the position of all communities and for more active participation in legislative and political initiatives, as only in this manner will the position of the communities you represent come into effect and your voice in decision making will be heard.
Honourable members of the Consultative Council on Communities,
I congratulate you once again on your untiring work and your engagement for creation of optimal living and working conditions for members of communities which you represent. Your role is very important in strengthening of institutions, in democratization and sustainable development of our country, which today, more than ever, has a clear Euro-Atlantic perspective.

I thank you for your attention and assure you that you shall always enjoy my support.
Thank you to the media as well.