Speech by President Osmani on the occasion of the Day of the Turkish community in Kosovo

Dear citizens of the Turkish community!
Dear representatives of central and local institutions!
Honourable Minister Damka, Chairman of the Turkish Democratic Party, thank you for organizing this iftar that has brought us all together,
Honourable Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mr. Yavuz Selim Kıran
Honourable Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo, Mrs. Redzepi
Dear participants,
MP's and many others,

It is an honour for me today, when Kosovo is marking the official holiday of the citizens of the Turkish community in Kosovo - the Day of the Turks, to address you as president of the country and to express my respect and that of Kosovo's institutions for the role and commitment of the community in building the democratic life of our country.

This day is special for you because it reminds you of your ethnic and cultural affiliation, your values, which you are carefully creating and preserving, in your homeland, our common homeland, the Republic of Kosovo, in which cultural diversity, different languages and ethnic identities constitute a value that Kosovo has been cultivating and preserving for centuries.

But, this is a special day for our Republic, because it testifies to its multi-dimensional and multi-cultural character which we value as very important for the growth of our state, for the full realization of which, harmony and solidarity between cultures and ethnic communities are extremely important.

On this special day of yours, we want to express not only our respect for the Turkish community but also for the way we have built coexistence, ethnic, linguistic and cultural coexistence, but also to share with you our satisfaction for living together and for our achievements. as an important part of Kosovo's cultural mosaic. Diversity has made Kosovo richer and more culturally sustainable thanks to the communities living here.

Dear representatives of the Turkish community,

The Turkish community in Kosovo is one of the most active communities in our institutional, cultural, social, economic and political life. It is displaying its values day by day and we are happy to be able to prove together with you that there are achievements in all areas. Today, you have become not only valuable citizens of the Republic but also great contributors to its life.

At the same time, with your commitment to the country, without ever forgetting your cultural and ethnic background, you have become a strong bridge of cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Turkey, with which we cultivate excellent relations, which rely on mutual respect.

Dear citizens!

We are aware that the Turkish community as well as all other communities need support, to preserve and cultivate their identity and culture. I assure you that we will do everything possible to take care of the continuous cultivation of your ethnic and linguistic culture, as I said, are sustainable values of living together. The use of your language as an official language at the local level, education in your mother tongue and the support of cultural activities for its preservation and further promotion are receiving the increasing attention of our state. We will make sure that your requests find the required institutional response.

Türk toplumu, Kosova’nın ve Kosova halklarının ayrılmaz bir parçasıdır, Kosova’yı tamamlayan bütünüdür. Kosova cumhurbaşkanı olarak ben, bugün sizlerlerle, daha doğrusu bizlerle, Kosova Türklerinin gününü kutladığımız bu günde burada olmaktan onur duyuyorum.

Kardeşliğimizin, birlik ve beraberliğin daim olması dileğiyle, Allah oruçlarımızı kabul eylesin!