Honorable representatives of Kosovo institutions,

Honorable ambassador of the United States of America, Mr. Dell

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we join hundreds of millions of Americans, citizens of the free world, who are celebrating the 236th anniversary of independence of the United States of America, the land of great opportunities.

We join the celebrations of the citizens of this country whose ancestors built a country where citizens chose to tie their fate with each other. Not because of their blood and soil ties, but to follow a common dream. The dream of a model democracy where they would live free and where they would be active participants in deciding the course of their country.

Every year, on this day, we are reminded of the greatness of the American society and what this society, alongside the ideals and the principles which lay at its foundation, represents for the world we live in. In these nearly two centuries and a half the United States of America we marvel at this proved democracy that plays a powerful and essential role in world affairs.

This democracy today cultivates and preserves the most important values of the American society – the freedom of choice, the freedom of expression, the freedom of action.

As a new country that has made its first steps to create a just state based on civic principles, we have only now become aware of how much effort and energy it takes to mobilize all segments of the society, to be guided by these principles simultaneously. It is an endless challenge, which requires dedication and faith that freedom is not a choice but a guaranteed right to be enjoyed by everyone.

This American ideal that freedom is a right it is to no one more clear than to the Kosovo citizens, who in their most difficult moments of history, when their very existence was in doubt had by them the United States of America and the commitment of the American people to save them and to help them find peace.

Dear Ambassador Dell, I want to personally thank you for all that you have done for us. You have offered constant support and valuable advice that has helped Kosovo move forward. This is not the first time that you were present in Kosovo and we wish that it will not be the last. Kosovo is and will remain your home.

Please allow me to express on behalf of the citizens of Kosovo their admiration for the success of the American people to build such a successful state. Let us celebrate together our common success in Kosovo and our eternal friendship. America will always be a country that Kosovo’s citizens and I hold very dear and very close to our hearts.

Let us celebrate freedom, this valuable treasure that our citizens enjoy today and raise a toast to our forefathers who made this possible.

God Bless Kosovo, God Bless America and the friendship between our two countries!