President’s speech at the opening of Durrës-Prishtina motorway

Here today, we are inaugurating the Highway, built completely with our own means, road which carries the name of our visionary leader, of the man who presented the idea for the building of a motorway which will connect Tirana and Prishtina, of the first President of Kosovo, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova.

We demonstrated that we are able to, relying on our own strength, build grand infrastructural achievements which ease the communication, instigate cooperation and connect countries, which enable the free movement of people and goods, infrastructure which makes us not only an important transit country, but also a contributor to the path of European integrations.
Honourable citizens,
In the manifestations and inaugurations of the accomplishments which are a result of the work and engagements of our citizens, we must remember that this is only possible due to the fact that Republic of Kosovo is an independent and sovereign country, which manages its own resources while determining the best and most efficient developmental policies in function of progress and integration.
Kosovo, free, independent and democratic country, became such a country only through the glorious KLA war and unsparing help from the United States of America and the friendly countries of the European Union.
Honourable citizens,
We are building a state of equal citizens, an all inclusive state, where the rule of law and order is the foundation of our general development and where the tolerance between the citizens of different communities is a value of our society. We are building a state where freedom of each citizen will be respected, valued and advanced, in which state the Constitution is its foundation, and in which the responsibilities and obligations for the state are equal for everyone.

The future of Kosovo, as well as that of the rest of the region of the South-Eastern Europe is in Europe, and this path will be made easier once we have accomplished our internal reforms.
We demonstrated on November 3rd municipal elections our maturity as a society, and by good organisation of these elections we passed the democracy test. This was only the first part of the test. On December 1st we must also demonstrate that the vote of the citizen of Kosovo, anywhere in the north or in the south of the country, is dear, free and inviolable and untouchable. Citizen’s right to vote freely is a Constitutional right. The process of municipal elections must be accomplished peacefully and in fairness, as this will prove that we belong alongside the free and independent countries of EU.
This process must demonstrate the compactness of our territory, independence of our country and the integration of every single citizen into the society and institutions of the country. This process is a process of Kosovo, and it will demonstrate our maturity and democracy.
Honourable citizens,
In creation of the conditions for a better life for all citizens, building of general infrastructure, this Highway is a grand achievement which connects us eternally with each other, enables us to communicate freely and without hindrance, to move our goods and to utilize all our resources for the development and wellbeing of our nations.
Our unbreakable will and our joining of forces shows that we are able to successfully accomplish great undertakings.

Only in this manner can we build a safe and prosperous future, this highway being a communications artery which joins people, joins nations and countries, connects us with the most important European corridors, which encourages mutual cooperation, multiplies the earnings and influences the strengthening of peace and stability in the region, in this century of integrations, of our integration into European Union.
This modern motorway is a symbol of our dedication, symbol of our will, of our success and our integration.
May you enjoy the Highway.