President Thaçi’s speech at the promotion ceremony of the five members of the non-majority communities in the First Batallion of the Kosovo Security Force

Honorable Minister of the KSF,
Honorable KSF Commander,
Honorable representatives of KFOR and NATO, General Hopman,
Honorable relatives of the KSF members,
Honorable members of the KSF,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me congratulate you for this next great step of the KSF towards the building of a professional and inclusive force, where all the communities of Kosovo take part and is in the service of all the citizens of Kosovo

Today we mark the promotion of the five members of the Kosovo Security Force.

All come from non-majority communities, thus increasing their presence in the KSF, and contributing to the realization of the aspiration we have for our security force.

After having passed the foreseen trainings and tests, these five members of the KSF from today will hold the rank of NCO’s of the KSF.

The trainings and tests each member of the KSF passes through are prepared by NATO, according to NATO standards.

By this the professionalism of the KSF of NATO level is aimed

The members who are promoted today come from non-majority communities in Kosovo.

By doing so we realize our aspiration for a multiethnic, inclusive force.

The KSF with this once again shows that it is the home of all.

With its commitment throughout these years, the KSF shows that it is a force in the service of all the citizens of Kosovo, in every corner of Kosovo
Ladies and Gentlemen,

the KSF has raised the level of professionalism and preparation at the highest level.

It has carried out with responsibility, professionalism, impartiality every task it has been given so far.

The KSF has become a force that enjoys confidence from all citizens.

It has become an institution that contributes to peace and stability in Kosovo, for a calm and secure life of all citizens.

Seeing these achievements of the KSF, we are convinced that this force is ready to take on new responsibilities, new tasks, and contribute to peace and security beyond Kosovo

As a Kosovo we aim that from a NATO security resource consumer, to become a contributor to security in the region and beyond, that together with NATO to work for peace in the world.

We are working closely with NATO and our partners to realize this transformation and this aspiration.

We are grateful for the support we have been given and for the confidence that has been shown to us.

This is an obligation for us all, for the KSF in particular, to continue on the path we have started.

The Ambassadors of the North Atlantic Council, during their visit this month in Kosovo heard about the achievements of the KSF

We are grateful for the visit and for the confirmation of the cooperation we have received from the Ambassadors.

We are on the right path.

We have to continue with the same dedication, with the same professionalism

I wish the KSF members who are graded today good luck in their further career.

You are an example for your community, but you are also an example for entire Kosovo.

We build our country with work, engagement, professionalism, cooperation between us all.

Good luck to you and the whole KSF.