President Osmani's address at the Memorial Academy in honour of the 24th anniversary of the KLA Epopee

Dear Jashari family,
Uncle Rifat and all of you attending tonight,
Dearly beloved descendants of the Jashari family,
Honourable Speaker of the Assembly, Mr. Konjufca
Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Kurti
Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, members of the Government Cabinet,
Honourable Associations of the Kosovo Liberation Army War,
Families of martyrs, war veterans and invalids,
Representatives of the institutions,
Dear participants, 

Today marks the twenty-fourth year since the heroic fall of the Jashari family, which stood besieged for three days and three nights in a row by countless forces of the then Yugoslav army and police, stood stoically, acted heroically defending the threshold of the house, the threshold of Kosovo and the ideal of freedom.

Twenty-four years of remembrance of their sacred sacrifice, a sacrifice that must be remembered every day, because without it we would have neither freedom nor the state.

We will impart this memory from generation to generation, because these stories should not be taught only in history books, they should be told in every circumstance and in every house.

This is because not only the patriotism of families, such as the Jashari family but also the evil of hegemony in the heart of Europe was demonstrated in Kosovo, hence we must be committed to the prevention of such evil.

Today marks twenty-four years since our country recognized the immense bravery and courage of this family in the unequal fight with the aggressor.

We bow on this day to the legendary commander Adem Jashari, to the whole Jashari family and to all our heroes. We remember and honour on this day all the heroes and martyrs who fell for our country.

The echo of Jasharaj's courage and bravery crossed the borders of Kosovo, the borders of the Balkans, the borders of Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean, thus awakening the conscience of freedom-loving states and peoples around the world, for a small country like Kosovo- a country with a big heart.

We will never forget the obligation we have towards those who gave their lives for the freedom of Kosovo, who sacrificed everything for it.

The KLA epic is part of our history to reaffirm our commitment to selfless service to the country.

In doing so, we not only honor the memory of those before us, but also pledge to continue the legacy of perfection and patriotism they showed, working hard to leave our children a much better place!  

Today, as never before in the post-war peace in Europe, new destructive instruments and new systems of war but with old ideologies and mentalities are threatening peace in the region, and throughout Europe, thus threatening the whole world.

In this situation, it is imperative that we strengthen our army.

This army of ours is the best guarantor of our security and peace, and we should be proud of it. Therefore, in times like these when world peace is troubled, we need unity, because only in this way will we be able to face the challenges.

Kosovo is and will always be on the side of freedom-loving nations and on the side of democracy, but the Russian-Serbian hegemonic tendencies are also present in our region. Their efforts to destabilize the Western Balkans region, and Kosovo in particular, are evident. Therefore, Kosovo's membership in NATO and other international organizations is more necessary than ever to create the opportunity for long-term peace and stability in the region and beyond.

Our daily commitment is a Kosovo oriented towards Euro-Atlantic values, a Kosovo that our citizens are proud of and that all those who fell for its freedom and independence would be proud of. The legendary commander Adem Jashari and the whole Jashari family will always remain a shining beacon on our path and that of the generations that will come after us.
God bless the Jashari family!
God bless all the fallen for freedom!
May the memory of them be eternal!
Thank you!