Honourable representatives of the Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo
Honourable Ambassador Viets,
Ladies and Gentlemen;

On behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and on my personal behalf, please allow me to extend my felicitations to you and to the German people on the 25th anniversary of the Day of German Unification.
Since October 3rd 1990, Germany has torn down walls and broke ideological and physical borders. It united Europe around the values and aspirations of freedom, of democracy and prosperity. It inspired whole generations to end repression and to revive themselves in order to enliven the ideals of freedom.
Twenty five years later, this historic unification remains as important. Today more than ever we are in need of a vision of breaking down of borders and tearing down walls. We need to bring back the ideas which unite people upon the principles of democracy and cooperation.
Because, our common work for a united Europe has not ended as yet. And this unaccomplished task is being felt in Kosovo more than anywhere else.
We are very proud of the strong ties of partnership and friendship which people of Kosovo share with Germany. We are grateful for the role you played on prevention of genocide in Kosovo, in Kosovo’s stabilization, through the presence of your peacekeeping army.
At the time when you opened the doors to the refugees escaping the war and destitution, and now when you are supporting the institutions of Kosovo in laying the foundations of a stable economy in Kosovo. We have pinned our hopes in your persistence for western Balkans move towards European integration and in your vision that this integrations shall bring an added value to the EU and a long term peace to the region.
I am aware that there are many unaccomplished obligations ahead of us. But, we are also aware that we are determined to, together with our partners, with you, enliven the vision of Kosovo with rule of law, good neighbourliness, regional cooperation, but more than anything, that of a country with a clear perspective, in which its citizens see a future.
Thank you for your strong presence in Kosovo, for the partnership and the friendship.