President Jahjaga’s speech at the seventh meeting of the National Council on European Integration

I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the seventh meeting of the National Council on European Integration.

Honourable leaders of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, leaders of political parties, representatives of the international missions in Kosovo and representatives of the civil society,
Honourable Mr. Fule,
I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the seventh meeting of the National Council on European Integration.
Two years ago, at this Council, we undertook the first official step on the European integrations process of Kosovo, by jointly launching the Feasibility Study of the Stabilisation Association Agreement. Today, I have the pleasure to welcome, as this Council, the conclusion of the negotiations on SAA last week between Republic of Kosovo and European Union. We expect that signing of this agreement is undertaken as quicker as possible.
This first step of establishment of contractual relations marks a new chapter in relations of Kosovo with EU. This progress is a result of a wide social and political consensus which our European agenda enjoys in Kosovo. We have strengthened this consensus by making the European agenda a society wide and all inclusive process.
Conclusion of the negotiations must serve as foundations upon which we build our further traversing. European Union membership continues to remain the only option which will incite transformation and development of the countries of the region. The enlargement momentum and the policy of the open doors for Balkans must be advanced, and for this to endeavour we require the will from both sides.
I have said before that Kosovo is not looking for short cuts to EU. We want this process to be consistent, on the same line with the European perspective of the countries of the region, based on merits and an individual process for each state.
We also ask for an additional intensification of the endeavours and strengthening the visa dialogue, which aims to fulfil as quickly as possible the criteria defined by the roadmap. Citizens of Kosovo, the youth in particular, deserve the realization of European perspective as do the citizens of the countries of the region. Kosovo and its citizens do not endanger anyone.
On the continuation of our journey we require equal treatment, because we have demonstrated political maturity and courageous decision making, in favour of peace and prosperity of Kosovo and the region.
We have found the political will to address the issues of common interest with a country with which we share a terrible past, and we consider that countries of European Union, especially ones which do not as yet recognise Kosovo, show equal pragmatism for an already undeniable reality.
Honourable members of the Council,
For challenges and tasks ahead of us, our mission is engagement towards a sustainable economic development of the country. This is what our citizens want and what they deserve.
We are encouraged by the latest EU Enlargement Strategy, in relations to the support for Balkan countries on economic priorities and encouragement of foreign investments. An all inclusive approach is required for a credible agenda of reforms on economic growth, business support and creation of new work places. I remain dedicated to working together with all the institutions and private sector towards helping and promotion of better conditions and a better and safer environment for foreign investments. 
But the essential pillar of our state and our society is rule of law. We will only be successful if we approach the reforms with seriousness and remain uncompromised towards all the negative phenomena which hinder the development of the country. Respect for the rule of law and war on organised crime and corruption is essential for achievement for success on this endeavour. As is the commenced reform of the judiciary system, which aims the establishment of an independent and efficient judiciary.
We will continue to remain a factor of peace and stability in the region and promoter of good neighbourly relations. We remain dedicated to the dialogue with Republic of Serbia, as the only way to restart our relations, as equal sides.  The agreements achieved so far must be implemented and their implementation must be determinative and conditional for the EU path.
This is an electoral year in Kosovo. Forthcoming parliamentary elections must demonstrate our political and democratic maturity and high standards which were established at the last local elections. Fair, all inclusive elections which demonstrate that we are a state built on civic principles will further strengthen our endeavours on our path of European integrations.
Today, at this meeting of the Council, we have the pleasure to have here with us the European Union’s Enlargement Commissioner, Mr. Stefan Fule, to evaluate the processes which we have gone through together on our path towards EU. I would like to thank Commissioner Fule for the contribution and continuous support related to the advancement of the European agenda and bringing of Kosovo closer to European Union.
I would like to invite you to through discussions, evaluate the challenges and obligations ahead of us in the coming future.
Thank you.