President Jahjaga’s speech at the launch of the National Strategy on European Integration

I would like to welcome you at the official launch of the National Strategy on European Union, “Kosovo 2020: An all inclusive approach.”

Honourable Minister Çitaku,
Honourable Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Blomeyer,
Honourable Representative of the EU Office, Mr. Gnocchi,
Honourable Ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic missions in Kosovo,
Honourable representatives of the institutions, civil society, academic and business community,
Honourable media representatives;

I would like to welcome you at the official launch of the National Strategy on European Union, “Kosovo 2020: An all inclusive approach.”

 I am happy to see in presence many experts from the institutions and the civil society, who have worked hard in drafting of this strategic document.
 Such a large participation in drafting of the Kosovo’s guideline towards EU is almost as important as the implementation of the recommendations which arise from this strategic document, because it has empowered our common vision for an all inclusive process towards European integration.
Our country aspires to become member with full rights of the European Union, and this depends on all of us, on the institutions, political parties, civil society, academic and business sectors, on all the citizens of our country.
Launching of this strategy is being held at an important moment when we are undertaking our first steps on the integration process, through the commencement of the negotiations on the Stabilisation-Association Agreement, process which precedes the establishment of the contractual relations between Kosovo and European Union.
This document is an added value to the process of integration, and we must continue to address all the necessary reforms which will expedite the realisation of our common goal.

To achieve this, this strategy identifies five priorities: Efficiency of governance; Fight against corruption and organised crime; Economic growth; Inclusiveness of groups of interest, and Advanced Relations with European Union.
 Achievement of these aims helps not only our EU integration process, but it also advances our country and our society.
There is intensive work ahead of us in the coming years in order to consolidate achievements in all the sectors of our society.
Through the National Council on European Integration, we have dedicated ourselves to strengthen a sustainable partnership and the consensus between the institutions, political spectrum and the civil society.

I would like to once again thank all of you for your contribution in compilation of this strategy.
Also I would like to thank GIZ project and the German Embassy for the support provided to the task Force and the development of this strategy.