President Osmani’s interview for the Italian daily “La Repubblica”

President Osmani: “With Russian weapons, Vucic is coveting annexation  in ala  “Crimea” model
“Serbia should know that it will face a nation ready to defend its freedom at all costs and that NATO is with us.”
OCTOBER 01, 2023 AT 01:00
La Repubblica: First the attack in Banjska, now Serbian troops at the border. President Vjosa Osmani, what is happening in Kosovo?
There is irrefutable evidence. Serbia committed an act of aggression on September 24th and is preparing to commit another act by increasing the number of armed forces and artillery on the border with Kosovo. It is different from what we have seen in thelast 25 years, unprecedented. “Serbia is still guided by Milosevic’s mentality and tries to eliminate everything that the United States, Europe and our people have achieved in two decades: peace, stability and liberty”.
La Repubblica: Do you think Belgrade wants to invade Kosovo?
He always had territorial claims, now he wants to use Putin’s model for a Crimea-style annexation. Of course, we won’t allow it. We work with NATO forces to protect our hard-won freedoms, and our independence.
La Repubblica: Do you see a concrete risk for the next hours or days?
The alarm raised by the US is very, very real. They (Serbia) want to enter Kosovo and take part of our territory. There is great evidence that the situation is extremely worrying. Serbia should know that it will face a nation ready to defend its freedom at any cost and that NATO is with us.
La Repubblica: Do you know of an attack plan? Are they targeting the North or even Pristina?
We are still collecting evidence, it is not time to make it public. Historically, they are more interested in the north of Kosovo.
La Repubblica: Why do you accuse Serbian President Vucic of being really responsible for the attack on Banjska on the 24th
Because he is the leader, he has always been the leader of these gangs: he trained and paid them, gave them orders, and it will soon become clear that he ran the operation, obviously with other perpetrators. It is Milosevic’s method of the early 1990s: he used these gangs for paramilitary actions in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, although he said: “I had nothing to do with it.” In the end, it was revealed that he was the mastermind of all the genocidal wars in the former Yugoslavia, which began with this typeof operation that his disciple, Aleksandar Vučić, is now carrying out in Kosovo.”
La Republica: Who is your best ally?
For obvious historical reasons, the US. They led the democratic world by helping Kosovo achieve freedom and independence, and now they lead to ensure that peace, stability and freedom are preserved in Kosovo and around the world. But I didn’t say that the EU is not an ally: Kosovo is the most pro-European country in the world, over 90% are for integration”.
La Repubblica: Why is the peace process at a standstill?
Vucic abused the active appeasement policy of a part of the EU towards him. 12 years of dialogue have passed and he has not implemented most of the agreements. He created tensions and destabilized the region, but the EU did not take any measures against Serbia. It is the only country in Europe that has not imposed sanctions against Putin and the EU has not batted an eyelash: the more Serbia distances itself, the more it finances them. Good neighborly relations are one of the fundamental principles of the EU but it didn’t work: this encouraged Vucic to become even more dominant. He thinks he can get away… Well, he will find the Kosovo Police, NATO’s KFOR waiting for him, he better not even think about it.

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