Preparatory Team consults with the KLA veterans

March 29th 2019, Prishtina – Preparatory team for the Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, held a public consultation today with the KLA veterans.

Chairman of the Preparatory Team for the Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Ardian Arifaj, as a panellist, stated that “this Commission does not aim to pardon anyone for war crimes, but the aim is to bring out the truth, to validate the data and to agree that hatred and war are never repeated again. The Commission aims internal reconciliation, not the one between states.”

Faton Klinaku, KLA veteran stated that “there was war in Kosovo, not just a conflict, and we do not agree on this commission” adding that “there are other bodies dealing with documentation and there is no need to establish a commission. The justice bodies deal with victim’s issues. I am under an impression that you are creating a parallel institution.”
 Veterans were very convincing in their argumentation on the need for the truth and for the establishment of this commission.

“We do have a need for such a commission and I support this initiative. The non-revealing of the truth has even impacted the Constitution, so that we are forced to provide privileges to a group of citizens,” said Nasim Haradinaj, vice president of the KLA WVO.
The President of the veterans, Hysni Gucati, expressed readiness to cooperate and stated that “we are appreciative of the fact that this Preparatory Team and Office of the President has asked for our opinion as well on this very sensitive issue and we do support the commission, but we do not need the term reconciliation.”
During this public consultation, there was also a number of opposing opinions and recommendations which will be included in the documents of the Preparatory team, as well as opinions which support the initiative and which support the engagements of the Preparatory Team.