The United States reaffirms its full support for the Republic of Kosovo

The President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, the Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Skender Hyseni and the Minister of Kosovo Security Force Fehmi Mujota had today a joint meeting with the United States ambassadors to the NATO and European Union Mr. Ivo Daalder (NATO) and Mr. William Kennard (EU). The United States Ambassador to Kosovo Mr. Christopher Dell also attended the meeting.

At this meeting as well, President Sejdiu expressed the everlasting appreciation of the people and institutions of Kosovo for the strong support that the United States has provided to Kosovo.

“The Republic of Kosovo maintains excellent relations with all its immediate neighbors and other countries of the region, with the exception of Serbia, which is, unfortunately, still conducting a destructive politics against our country”, President Sejdiu asserted. In this context, President Sejdiu said that institutions of our country are resolved to fulfill all the commitments made and to ensure that human rights and freedoms of all the people of Kosovo and minority communities in particular are fully respected, reminding that these rights have been envisaged by the Ahtisaari’s Plan and the Constitution of Republic of Kosovo.

Further, President Sejdiu said that the unequivocal opinion of the International Court of Justice has removed all the dilemmas that various countries may have had regarding the legality of declaration of independence of Republic of Kosovo.

President Sejdiu also spoke of challenges that our country is facing, underscoring that, despite obstacles, Kosovo has developed into a story of success achieved by the people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo and her friends.

“The vision of the people and institutions of Kosovo is speedy accession to the European Union, NATO and other international institutions and preservation and further strengthening of the special friendship with the United States of America”, President Sejdiu said. 

On the other hand, Prime Minister Thaçi focused on the engagement of the Government of Republic of Kosovo in the economic development of the country, underlining that the Government has also attached a special weight to investment in municipalities where minority communities constitute the majority. He stressed out that Kosovo has achieved tangible results in strengthening and consolidating the state and is earnestly endeavoring to make sure that this year’s Progress Report reveals a greater progress, especially in the field of rule of law and order, fight against corruption, etc.

Prime Minister Thaçi also said that a visa liberalization strategy will be offered to the people of Kosovo, because, he maintained, Kosovo remains the most isolated country in Europe, despite results achieved on all fronts.

President Sejdiu, Prime Minister Thaçi and Minister Hyseni referred to the Draft Resolution that Serbia has filed with the UN General Assembly. They unanimously said that no resolution that questions the independence of Republic of Kosovo and its full sovereignty is acceptable to Kosovo, regardless of modifications it may subject to.

Kosovo leaders reaffirmed Kosovo’s full readiness to cooperate fully with international missions in our country and with KFOR in particular, who have done an excellent job in Kosovo, but also with the EULEX and its mechanisms, who are helping instate rule of law and order.

The United States Ambassador to Kosovo Mr. Christopher Dell encouraged Kosovo institutions to strive for further improvement of the welfare of all the people, regardless of their ethnicity, throughout Kosovo.

On the other hand, the United States Ambassadors to the NATO and the European Union Mr. Ivo Daalder and Mr. William Kennard reaffirmed the full commitment of the United States to support growth and progress in our country in every respect. They said that the Republic of Kosovo has made headway in every field during the last two years that followed the declaration of independence.

Ambassadors Daalder and Kennard emphasized the utter position of the United States to oppose strongly the resolution of Serbia, should it be included in the agenda of the UN General Assembly. At the same time, they praised the moderate approach that institutions of Republic of Kosovo are adopting and the willingness of our country to foster neighborly relations with Serbia.