The statement issued by President Sejdiu following the announcement of the advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice on the legality of the declaration of Kosovo’s independence

Dear citizens of Republic of Kosovo
Honorable media representatives,

Today is another blessed day for the Republic of Kosovo and all her people! Few moments ago, the International Court of Justice gave its opinion on the legality of independence of Kosovo.

The people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo hail and appreciate highly the prudence of the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice. This explicit opinion constituted a positive response to all the points raised in favor of decisions that Kosovo has taken. 

The opinion reaffirmed strongly that the declaration of independence was a decision in full compliance with the international law and that it has observed the right of the people of Kosovo to freedom and self-determination. 

The opinion that the ICJ has given today has confirmed overtly the strong and incontrovertible arguments that Kosovo and all the supporters of her independence from all around the democratic world have presented. 

The opinion eventually removes all the doubts that countries that have not recognized the Republic of Kosovo yet may have had. Therefore, we call again on these countries to take their decisions recognizing the Republic of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state as soon as possible. As it can be seen from the opinion given by the ICJ today, Kosovo does not constitute a precedent to any other case in the world. 

The opinion given by the ICJ today adds a special value to the international law, which recognizes the right of the people of Kosovo to living in freedom and independence. In addition, the opinion paves the way for a further progress to be made by Kosovo and her people.

The Republic of Kosovo is profoundly committed to remaining a partner of and an essential contributor to peace, stability and close cooperation with all the neighboring countries and those of the region.

The institutions of Republic of Kosovo remain committed to implementing the Constitution of Republic of Kosovo and President Ahtisaari’s Comprehensive Proposal in their entirety throughout the country and for the best of all her peoples, regardless of their ethnicity.

On this occasion, we invite the Republic of Serbia to join the common vision of the countries of the region for a brighter future and a speedy Euro-Atlantic integration.

Being first neighbors, Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia must engage in fostering a new spirit of cooperation, conducive to welfare and prospect for both sovereign states.

The Republic of Kosovo reiterates that our only vision is a quick integration into the EU, NATO and into the very UN.

Considering that Kosovo represents a success story of a vast international investment, the Republic of Kosovo expresses, yet again, her deep appreciation for all those countries that have supported Kosovo in her quest for freedom and independence, in her international recognition and for their support at the ICJ. 

In this framework, I want to seize the opportunity to thank the United States, the EU member countries and all other world’s democracies for the special role that they have played and for the support that they have given. Likewise, we thank the NATO for the unique role that it has and is still having in providing for security and stability in Kosovo.

In particular, special thanks go to the neighboring countries and those of the region for their tremendous contribution to all the positive developments that have taken place in Kosovo.

We also thank the Kosovo team that has represented Kosovo at the high court of international law in a dignified fashion.

God Bless the Republic of Kosovo and her people!
God Bless Republic of Kosovo’s friends!