The speech of President Jahjaga at the commencement of works from the concessionaire of the Prishtina International Airport

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga took part today at the ceremony of the commencement of the construction works at the Prishtina Airport, in accordance with the Technical Scope Document and the Construction Works Plan.

On this occasion she delivered a speech, which is published below:

Honored representatives of the institutions of Kosovo,
Honored Ambassadors of the friend countries in Kosovo,
Distinguished business representatives in Kosovo,
Honored guests,

The giving into concession the of the Prishtina International Airport “Adem Jashari”, within the policy of property transformation in Kosovo, is in function of the interconnection of capital, encouraging foreign investment in Kosovo and to increase the quality of work and services.

The reforms in the economic system are very important to the Republic of Kosovo, on its road to EU integration, which make Kosovo a suitable place to attract capital and foreign investment in all branches of economy and in other areas.

The International Airport of Prishtina “Adem Jashari” is an important hub of aviotransport from the fact that our country has a large number of immigrants who work and live for decades in European countries, but also from the fact that Kosovo serves as an important crossroad of connections with the world.

The interweaving of joint interests in economics, through the union of the assets and capital, through concession, of interconnection of local and international resources, of service delivery, is a good form of a more sustainable development, for interconnections with global markets and for the joint appearance in other markets.

The International Airport of Prishtina “Adem Jashari” will play an important role in the network of airports in Europe, it will be a bridge between Kosovo and the world, it will be in function of all the citizens of Kosovo, by providing good and qualitative services, and at the same time it should serve as a reference for investors and managers, as a trial of an investment, commitment and organization here.

I wish you success.