The President: With the extraordinary success of the KSF military it was confirmed today that the foundations of Kosovo remain strong and there is no one who can shake them

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, together with Prime Minister Albin Kurti, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gërvalla, the Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj and the KSF Commander, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama, visited today the soldiers who participate in the Exercise “DEFENDER - Europe 21”, which was held in the camp in Babaj Bokes and in the camp in Deva in Gjakova.

President Osmani said that it is a day of great pride for every citizen of Kosovo who for decades has dreamed of having the Kosovo Army side by side with the most powerful army in the world, with our most powerful and strategic ally, with the United States of America. 


“We are extremely proud, we are proud of every soldier, men and women of this country who have practiced for a long time to make us all proud today, but this present day is also a reconfirmation of an alliance strong as stone, an alliance between the Republic of Kosovo and the United States of America”, said President Osmani.  


The Head of State has emphasized that together with many other countries, today we reconfirmed our strategic orientation, today we reconfirmed our common path forward towards Euro-Atlantic integration, and today we reconfirmed that the blood shed for this country was not in vain. 


“With the extraordinary success of the military of the Kosovo Security Force, of our Army, which has been built with great effort, it was confirmed today that the foundations of Kosovo remain strong and there is no one who can shake them”, said the  President. 


She further said that “22 years ago on this land we are stepping today, blood was being shed, but in the sky that is above us, planes were flying and there were our rescuers and today we see them together with us, with our army, which is a really special feeling and emotion and it is never enough to say thank you from the bottom of the heart”. 


President Osmani expressed her gratitude to everyone for the extraordinary work, the Minister of Defense, the Commander of the Security Force, but also every military who, according to the President, has done his/her best for us today to demonstrate our success to our citizens, but above all to our allies.