The President of Kosovo hails NATO intervention against military targets in Libya

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli supports the military intervention by several NATO member countries against the army of the dictator Gaddafi, which has been brutalising its own people for weeks now.

The NATO air strikes against Libyan military positions is a humanitarian act aimed at defending the people of Libya, whose quest for freedom, democracy and prosperity has met a violent response by an army led by dictator Gaddafi.

Strikes also contribute to peace and safety throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.

By permitting intervention in this case, the United Nations Security Council has made a just and necessary step to protect the lives of the people of Libya.

We hope these strikes will compel Gaddafi to stop attacks against his people and withdraw from power, so as to enable the Libyan people to elect their leadership freely.

The people of Kosovo are well aware of importance of interventions by the NATO, which, by bombarding Serbian targets controlled by the dictator Milosevic, has halted attempts to annihilate the Albanian people in 1999. Such unhesitating intervention has helped Albanians gain their freedom, return to their homes and build a state that shares values of freedom and democracy at which they rejoice now.

The President of Kosovo wishes dictator Gaddafi will soon meet Coalition requirements and relief corridors will be opened, so as to help people of Libya start a life in dignity and decide on their future in a democratic manner.

A quick deployment of peacekeepers and humanitarian aid would help lend a hand to the people of Libya and save their lives.