The President held a joint meeting with the senior US officials and the Negotiating Team

Prishtina, February 28th 2019 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, held today a joint meeting with the Principal Director for European Affairs at the US National Security Council, John Erath, Director for Europe at the US National Security Council, Brad Berkley and with the Kosovo Negotiating Team, respectively with the Deputy Prime Ministers Behgjet Pacolli, Fatmir Limaj, Enver Hoxhaj, Dardan Gashi and the PSD President Shpend Ahmeti.

The process of the final dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, predations for this process and overcoming of actual obstacles, including the US provided counsel for the necessity of temporary suspension of tariffs and recommencement of the dialogue and boosting of the activities towards achievement of the comprehensive agreement.

It was a joint conclusion that the agreement must be a final one and with a mutual recognition.

President Thaçi also reiterated the position that under no occasion or circumstance, the Republic of Kosovo may endanger the inter-state relations and its special friendship with the United States of America.

All members of the Negotiating Team expressed their concerns on Belgrade’s aggressive stance, and at the same time reiterated their readiness to respect the US counsel on the suspension of the tariffs and recommencement of the dialogue in Brussels.