The felicitation of President Atifete Jahjaga on the 28th of November - Flag Day

I congratulate all Albanians wherever they are, the Albanian people in the Republic of Albania, the Albanian people in the Republic of Kosovo, the Albanian people in the Republic of Macedonia, the Albanian people in the Republic of Serbia, the Albanian people in the Republic of Montenegro, the Albanians in the states of the European Union, Albanians in the USA, and Albanians wherever they are around the world, on the 28th of November - Flag Day, the Day of the creation of the Albanian state, the Day of Liberation and Independence.

I wish that the entire Albanian nation spends this important day of our history in celebration, free, dignified, and equal to all other nations of the world.

I wish that all Albanians pass the Flag Day along with family, relatives, with friends and their loved ones remembering our glorious past, recalling and honoring the martyrs and all those who contributed to freedom and independence of the country and the nation.
On this day that symbolizes our national identity and pride and let us think about how to help the country with our daily work, by building the overall relationships and by acting for our better, safer and more prosperous future for us and for generations to come.

The Albanian nation is a nation that contributed to the history of humanity, it is a people belonging to the European civilization, a people which every time in history was on the side of progress and progressive forces.

Our future is the integration into the EU, the membership of the Republic of Kosovo in NATO and the UN.

This is accomplish by working and striving all together, by highlighting the values and our best qualities that we have, by working together with our international friends, particularly with the U.S. and the EU countries, thus providing our contribution, modest but significant, to education, science, economy and all the culture and human civilization, being a factor of understanding, progress, peace and stability.