Statement of the President of the Republic of Kosovo on the developments of the 14th of January

What happened on 14 January 2012, during the protests of the Movement “Vetëvendosje”, for the blocking of the border crossings between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia in Merdare and the White Soil (Dheun e Bardhë), is not a good and real view of Kosovo.

Such a situation which is happening at the time of the opening of the new integrating processes of the country threatens to turn Kosovo back, in its effort to build a democratic society. The construction of a state based on respect for constitutionality and legality is the consensual goal of our society, achieved thanks to the commitment and sacrifice of all our citizens, without distinction.

I, as President of the country have expressed my position before the demonstrations, that all possibilities of institutional actions are not yet exhausted and that the street does not present the solution to achieve the political goals and objectives of the state. Institutional action is the only and the best way to address and to solve all issues.

All institutions, all political parties and all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo are obliged to respect and fully implement the Constitution and laws of the country. Only in this manner we achieve the rule of law and order, being a democratic country which on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration applies the high standards of freedoms and human rights.

The Kosovo Police has the responsibility for maintaining public order and ensuring free movement of people and goods, being these European values guaranteed by the Constitution of Kosovo. I welcome the call of the Government of Kosovo to review actions of the Kosovo Police on the day of protest which will enable clarification of the created situation.

Within my constitutional powers, as factor of unity of the country, I call all citizens to continue to contribute to the democratization of our society, to respect law and order and to participate actively in the implementation of standards which ensure our path towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

I appeal to all political entities to seek solutions within the institutions of Kosovo and with dialogue.

I call on the Movement “Vetëvendosje” to give up protests and to return to work, debate and the decision making process in the Parliament and to contribute there in the drafting, harmonization and implementation of policies.

I call on all the citizens to not block roads, to not block the border crossings and not to block the free circulation of people and goods in any corner of the Republic of Kosovo.

Kosovo and its citizens have shown a high degree of consciousness and democratic actions, commitment to the rule of law and respect for the law. Kosovo has a clear path forward in meeting its obligations arising from treaties and international conventions. Our country is committed to implement the policy of good neighborliness with all countries of the region.