Statement of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi

Today’s dissolution of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo, expedites the steps in organisation of snap parliamentary elections, after the resignation of the

Prime Minister of Kosovo and in absence of a readiness of parliamentary political parties to form a new government.

It is now in the interest of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo to, after a democratic electoral process, as quick as possible create a functional and accountable government, ready to overcome challenges awaiting us as a state and as a society.

Under my constitutional and legal competencies, and in full conformity with today’s decision of the Parliament, I will very soon reach the decision on decreeing of snap parliamentary elections in the Republic of Kosovo.

These elections must be well organised, professional, ensuring a fair and democratic process, which allows for full monitoring by international and local organisations.

Despite the dissolution of its parliament, Republic of Kosovo continues to have functional and viable institutions, guaranteeing continuation of the work of the institutions in fulfilling of the needs of the citizens of Kosovo.