Statement of President Jahjaga regarding the conclusion of the supervision phase of the independence of Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madame Atifete Jahjaga, welcomes the readiness of the International Steering Group for the conclusion, within this year, of the supervision of the independence of Kosovo.

The conclusion of the supervision phase of the independence marks a joint success of the international community, the institutions of Kosovo and its citizens, who with their contribution established the foundation of the sovereign, independent and democratic state.

The Republic of Kosovo - a sovereign and independent state in its territorial integrity and with guaranteed international subjectivity - is an undeniable reality and its independence is an irreversible process.

The international community and Kosovo’s friend countries have given an extraordinary contribution in the establishment and consolidation of our state. We welcome the continued support on the path towards the integration into the European Union, membership in the UN and NATO as well as in regional and international organizations and mechanisms.

The institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and the international community will use the period up to the conclusion of the mission of the International Civilian Office (ICO), to build a common approach, for the concretization of the responsibilities and the determination of the process holders in order that this transition phase be developed and completed successfully. This ensures full implementation of the obligations deriving from the Ahtisaari package.

The institutions of the Republic of Kosovo are committed that in close cooperation and partnership with the international presence in Kosovo to establish the constitutionality and legality in the whole territory of Kosovo, including the integration of the three municipalities in the north as well as to build the necessary democratic capacities.

The Republic of Kosovo ensures the implementation and fulfillment of all the international obligations and commitments.