Statement of President Jahjaga about the announced protest of the Movement “Vetëvendosje”

The announcement of the Movement “Vetëvendosje” for the organization of a peaceful protest, for blocking the goods entering into Kosovo from Serbia, and for blocking the border points in Merdare and the White Soil (Dheu i Bardhë) has driven concerns on the progress of these protests and the effect of these actions.

The right of the citizens to protest and in this way to express their concerns about an issue is a a legitimate right and is also regulated with the laws of the Republic of Kosovo. The organization of peaceful protests by a parliamentary political entity, in this case by the Movement “Vetëvendosje”, includes a responsibility for the form, purpose, development and progress of the protest.

As President of the Republic of Kosovo I am committed for the protection of the constitutionality and legality, to address all issues within the institutions and in full compliance with the law. I do not see the determination of “Vetëvendosje” to come up on the street as a exhaustion of possibilities of action within the institutions of the country.

As in any other case, I express my firm stance as President of the country, against the actions that hinder the free movement of people and goods. Our country needs to open borders, for good inter-neighborly and bilateral relations with all countries and for full membership in all structures, international organizations and mechanisms. In this path of ours, as our common will, it is a prerequisite respect the standards and democratic processes, freedoms and individual and collective rights and respect all interstate agreements, as well as international conventions.

I call upon all the citizens not to block roads, not to block border crossings of the Republic of Kosovo with other states and not to hinder the free movement of people and goods. The call for reciprocity can not serve for restricted and obstructive actions, because our goal as a state and a democratic society with the vision of Euro-Atlantic integration is the opening, cooperation and development of good relations with all, as a sovereign and independent country, a factor of peace and stability in the region and beyond.