Statement issued by the President of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Behgjet Pacolli shares his concern over allegations against former KLA fighters under suspicion of war crimes.

We strongly believe that the KLA war was pure and aimed at delivering the people of Kosovo from a brutal aggression and genocide. It was and remains one of the brightest chapters of our history.

We trust such allegations against former KLA members will be found ungrounded and that soon their innocence will be confirmed, like many times so far. 

At the same time, the President of the Republic of Kosovo believes that judicial bodies in Kosovo will do their job free from any side influence. Recognising that the law is above all, we encourage Kosovo and EULEX judicial bodies to ensure that rule of law prevails throughout Kosovo.

The President of Kosovo expresses his consideration for the readiness shown on the part of the accused to cooperate with judicial authorities, considering this the only way to prove their innocence.