Statement by the President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani regarding the Non-Aligned Movement Conference in Belgrade

Serbia is continuing its efforts to undermine the state of Kosovo with forged arguments and narratives. Lately, at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference being held in Serbia, it is once again misusing its observer state status in order to distort the truth about the state of Kosovo.
Under the leadership of the butcher Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia has caused the violent disintegration of Yugoslavia, caused genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, as well as is flagrantly violating the basic  NAM principles. As a colonizing state with destabilizing policies, denying the genocide committed against innocent civilians and with actions that are day in and day out in conflict with the efforts for peace and stability in our region, Serbia thus proves that it is in contravention of the values ​​upon which the NAM is built.

Kosovo's independence has been recognized by a considerable number of NAM member states. The International Court of Justice in 2010 confirmed that Kosovo's declaration of independence does not violate international law. Therefore, I call on all NAM states which have not as yet recognized Kosovo to be guided by this interpretation of the ICJ and not by the Serbian propaganda, deeply rooted in the Milosevician mindset.

In order to contribute to good neighborly relations between the two countries, Serbia must give up its efforts to undermine Kosovo's international position, through lobbying against Kosovo's membership in international organizations and by campaigning against the recognition of Kosovo's independence by other countries 

The Republic of Kosovo appreciates the support given to it by several NAM member states on its path to freedom and independence. In this context, I hope that the countries participating in the NAM conference in Belgrade will clearly reject Serbia's efforts to misuse the conference to pursue its destabilizing political agendas against the Republic of Kosovo and against other countries of our region.