Statement by President Osmani related to the Kosovo Police action carried out against organized crime

The fight against organized crime is uncompromising and non-negotiable. To negotiate and compromise with crime equals to becoming one of them. Therefore, today's action carried out by Kosovo Police and  Kosovo Customs and authorized by the justice institutions, can not be called "action in the north", as it was a venture carried out in different parts of Kosovo against individuals of different ethnicities, and that its common denominator was smuggling and organized crime. This type of crime has always been multiethnic.
A certain number of Albanians in the south and a certain number of  Serbs in the north, also people of other ethnicities, often assisted by certain politicians have been organizing this crime for years. But those days are over. The fight against organized crime does not bear the signature of ethnicity but the signature of criminal groups. Anyone who tries to present it differently is aiding the criminal groups which the EU has been fighting for two decades now. 
And now that this fight against crime has become uncompromising, real and non-negotiable, we expect the EU to remain committed to the values of the rule of law that it stands for.