Sejdiu: Ukë did his utmost for the best of his country

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, participated in the ceremony commemorating Ukë Bytyqi and in the ceremony of unveiling Ukë Bytyqi’s monument in the village of Semetisht. He placed a wreath of fresh followers on his statue and on Theranda martyrs’ monument. President Sejdiu handed the Golden Medal of Independence, with which President Rugova had decorated Ukë Bytyqi, to Bytyqi family.

President Fatmir Sejdiu participated today in the ceremony commemorating the seventh anniversary of Ukë Bytyqi’s murder, which was held in Theranda and organized by Theranda’s Municipal Assembly.

In his address to the audience, President Sejdiu said that they had gathered in the Theranda of sacrifice for freedom and independence of Kosovo to commemorate its devoted citizen and the first Mayor of Theranda, Mr. Ukë Bytyqi.

Ukë Bytyqi showed an outstanding commitment in his struggle for the freedom and independence of Kosovo. Seven years ago, a heinous act committed by a black hand brought the life of Ukë Bytyqi to an end, the life of a man who, at both war and peace time, did his utmost for the best of his country” – President Sejdiu said, addressing the audience in Theranda.

Speaking of Ukë Bytyqi’s life, President Sejdiu said that he was one of the founders and a Leader of LDK branch in Theranda for many years. He said that he was also a member of LDK General Council and Assembly and a member of the Assembly of Republic of for two mandates, in 1992 and 1998 respectively; in 1993 he was sentenced to prison by the occupier of Kosovo for having been a member of Republic’s Ministry of Defense; during the war he was a freedom fighter and a leader of local forces in the region of Theranda, who aimed at defending the state of Kosova. Once the war ended, Ukë Bytyqi returned to his political activities and normal life and embarked on rebuilding Theranda. During his work as an elected Mayor, he strengthened Theranda’s political, administrative and political system by demonstrating a matchless commitment and engagement” – President Sejdiu said during his speech. As a token of appreciation for his great contribution to the freedom and independence of Kosovo, President Rugova had decorated Ukë Bytyqi with the Golden Medal of Independence, which President Sejdiu handed over to Bytyqi family at the commemoration ceremony.

President Sejdiu also unveiled Ukë Bytyqi’s monument in Semetisht, Bytyqi’s place of birth. At this occasion, President Sejdiu said that this is the least that can be done to honor the great deeds of Ukë Bytyqi, who he said remains an exemplary figure of the overall resistance that was staged by the people of Kosovo in its struggle for freedom and independence.

“Ukë Bytyqi was a living volcano, a man who never suppressed his opinion or position in and a man who had great ideas for conveying strong messages and waging war for the freedom of Kosovo” – President Sejdiu said.

“Of course, his and his fellows’ great deeds shall be kept alive in a free and independent Kosovo, in which the lives of our people are being built like Ukë Bytyqi once modeled and pictured in his ideas that were guided by a philosophy that was fostered by and embodied in our great leader and historic president, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova. I believe that not only the people of this region, but all the people who had the honor to work with him will keep his great deeds in their memories and that his memory will be kept forever fresh and alive” – President Sejdiu said in conclusion to his address.

Besides this, President Sejdiu also visited and placed wreaths of fresh flowers on Bafti Bajrami and Bajram Bytyqi’s graves, two companions to Ukë Bytyqi’s who were also murdered, together with him, seven years ago.