Sejdiu: The whole world will turn its attention to Kosovo on November 15

“On November 15, the day of first elections to be held in an independent Kosovo, the whole world will turn its attention to Kosovo. This is the best chance for Kosovo to prove that it is able to conduct its first elections as a sovereign and democratic country in the best way possible” – President Sejdiu said at a meeting today with representatives of the International Monitoring Mission for the 2009 Local Elections in Kosovo, led by Mr. Darko Aleksov, Head of Mission.

In addition to this, President Sejdiu emphasized the need for a good coordination between observers on the day of elections so as to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

During this meeting, Mr. Aleksov updated the President on ongoing preparations the mission is making in Kosovo municipalities to ensure a successful completion of fair elections.

He underscored mission’s firm determination to monitor elections in conformity with all international standards, which he maintained was the major objective to international observers.