Sejdiu: Republic of Kosovo welcomes President Clinton’s visit

On the occasion of President Bill Clinton’s visit to Kosovo, the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, has invited the institutions and the people of our country to stage a great reception for a great friend of our country.

“Tomorrow, Republic of Kosovo will be visited by President Bill Clinton, the man who has led the largest world humanitarian undertaking that aimed at saving the people of Kosovo from a physical annihilation. Given his extraordinary merits for the freedom and independence of Kosovo, I invite you, in my capacity as a President, to stage a great and a decent reception for him on Sunday” – President Sejdiu’s message reads.

President Sejdiu reemphasized the everlasting appreciation of Kosovo people for the United States unequaled contribution to the freedom and independence of Kosovo.

“The Republic of Kosovo shall remain forever appreciative of the United States and President Clinton, who, at the darkest moments of our history, led the largest alliance of world’s freedom-loving democracies to stop Milosevic’s genocidal machinery, which was expelling the people of Kosovo from their homes and were transforming our villages and towns into a burned land” –President Sejdiu added.
President Sejdiu also said that President Clinton’s first visit to Kosovo after the independence constitute a great incentive to Republic of Kosovo’s institutions and people to move forward in their irreversible road to Euro-Atlantic integration.