Sejdiu receives the KFOR Commander General Markus Bentler at a farewell meeting

The President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu received today at a farewell meeting the KFOR Commander General Markus Bentler, whose term of office expires by the end of this month.

On the occasion, President Sejdiu mentioned the very good cooperation between the institutions of Republic of Kosovo and KFOR and the great trust that the people of Kosovo have in the Force, which has been under the command of General Bentler’s for a year now.

President Sejdiu thanked the General for his engagement in leading the KFOR and wished him success in his future engagements in his country.

President Sejdiu also emphasized that the people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo have no other vision but their firm objective of a speedy accession of our country to international institutions and, one day, to NATO.

He expressed his appreciation for a tremendous contribution that KFOR is providing in the field of security and especially in training and preparing the Kosovo Security Force, which is developing and professionalizing under NATO standards.

He said that KFOR has and still doing a great job in keeping peace and stability in Kosovo and that an indication of this was the transfer of competencies for protecting cultural monuments from KFOR to the Kosovo Police.

On his part, having thanked President Sejdiu for his cooperation while he was leading the NATO troops in Kosovo, the KFOR Commander General Markus Bentler said he remains committed to ensuring a peaceful and safe environment for all the people of Kosovo.