Sejdiu: Partes – a joint success story in Kosovo

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, participated today in the Partes Municipal Assembly inauguration session.

Addressing the present, President Sejdiu reaffirmed Kosovo institutions’ strong support for all the people of the country. “It is a special pleasure for me to be with you and to convey to you assurances of Kosovo institutions’ support for the will of all the people and of their appreciation for the commitment to and engagement of the people of the new municipality of Partes in building a new perspective for all”, President Sejdiu said.

President Sejdiu perceives the new municipality of Partes as a joint success story in Kosovo and as a great achievement by all the people of our country.

“This is a historic moment, because it is a good start for accomplishing the good will of all the people and of the people of this municipality in particular and for doing your great work in behalf of your people, in the course of a progress that you will make together with other municipalities of Kosovo and your efforts to accomplish all the set objectives, to create a common municipal mosaic of local government and to ensure that our country is moving towards integration”, Sejdiu added.

Partes is a good success story. It is a story of a great work done and of a special interest that the people of this municipality have shown from the outset, since the day when elections were announced and during both rounds, when the voter turnout was satisfactory.

“We have followed the entire electoral process that you have had in this municipality with great attention. When I decided to issue the decree on the Election Day, I was very positive that you would set a good example in the practical realization of the concept of good governance, of the concept of fair elections, of the idea of accomplishing what we dub fair and democratic elections. Both at the first round of municipal assembly and mayoral elections and at the runoff voting, you have displayed your wisdom and reached an excellent turnout of 65%, which is the best evidence that you know how and you can do a great work. Many advanced world democracies are envious of such a sizable turnout, I can tell you that. Europe, nowadays, as well as other continents, still faces issues when it comes to the voter turnout. By what you have done today, you have embraced the idea and the will to show a strong sense of responsibility”, President Sejdiu added.

“Institutions of Republic of Kosovo – the Ministry of Local Government Administration in particular – and all others must support strongly all the many projects that lie ahead and that have been presented to the people. These projects remain an obligation towards your people and all the people of Kosovo, and you will implement them. It is an honor for me to declare the proceedings of the inauguration session open and to wish you success in your engagements”, President Sejdiu said.