Sejdiu: It is time that Slovakia recognizes the Republic of Kosovo

The President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu received today at a farewell meeting the Head of the Slovakian Office so far Mr. Miroslav Ned and the new Head of the Office Mr. Henrik Markus.

At the meeting, President Sejdiu thanked Mr. Nad for the cooperation with the Office of the President and other institutions of the country as Head of Slovakian Office in our country.

He also praised the work that Mr. Nad and the people from Slovakia have done in Kosovo as a part of international missions and KFOR in particular.

President Sejdiu also welcomed the new Head of Slovakian Office Mr. Henrik Markus, assuring him of an unreserved cooperation and support.

Speaking of developments in Kosovo, President Sejdiu said that a positive reality has been created in our country, as opposed to what has been anticipated by opponents of independence.

He considered that the unequivocal opinion of the International Court of Justice on the independence of Kosovo was a major turning point. President Sejdiu said that everything is clear to all the hesitating states following the announcement of the ICJ opinion  and urged Slovakia to proceed with the recognition of Republic of Kosovo and advance cooperation with Kosovo on all fronts.

Z. Sejdiu acknowledged that institutions of Kosovo and Slovakia and the peoples of both countries can cooperate in many fields.

President Sejdiu said that ensuring the highest number of recognitions and accession to as many international institutions as possible remain the highest priorities for our country. “We have no other vision but integration into the European Union and NATO“, he said.