Sejdiu: Integration in Euro-Atlantic institutions is Kosovo’s main objective

“Everyone enjoys the right to return to his property in Kosovo, regardless of his ethnicity or religion”, President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu said today during a meeting he had with the Strasburg-based CE Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs, Ms. Claudia Luciani.

The meeting was also attended by Ms. Orsolya Szekely, Deputy Head of the Council of Europe Office in Kosovo.

President Sejdiu praised the contribution that the Council of Europe has provided to Kosovo, particularly in the fields of protection of human rights and freedoms and rule of law. He also reaffirmed the commitment of institutions of Republic of Kosovo to meeting the necessary criteria for accession to international institutions, including the Council of Europe.

“The people and democratic institutions of Republic of Kosovo have only one vision and this is a complete integration into international institutions, including the EU and NATO, as soon as possible”, President Sejdiu said, expressing his belief that, in a relatively short term, Kosovo will also become a member of the Council of Europe.

On the other hand, Ms. Luciani said that the Council of Europe follows developments in Kosovo closely and expresses its satisfaction with the progress that was made in Kosovo. She also urged President Sejdiu to exert his influence, so as to help improve the situation in terms of respect of human rights and rule of law.