Sejdiu: Croatia has always voiced her strong support for our objectives of freedom and independence

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, participated in the feast organized by Croatia Albanians on the second anniversary of declaration of Kosovo’s independence. On this occasion, which was opened by Valdet Sadiku, Kosovo Ambassador to Croatia based in Zagreb, President Sejdiu said that Republic of Croatia was one among the first countries to recognize Kosovo’s independence and to establish diplomatic relations at the level of an embassy.

“Croatia has always voiced her strong support for our objectives of freedom and independence, whereas the Albanian community that lives in this country has been and remains an important bridge of friendship and cooperation between our countries”, President Sejdiu said.

President Sejdiu’s speech on the feast organized by Croatia Albanians on the second anniversary of declaration of Kosovo’s independence:

Honorable Ambassador Sadiku,
Honorable representatives of highest institutions of Croatia,
Ambassadors, members of Diplomatic Choir,
Dear citizens of Kosovo and Croatia,
Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a special pleasure for me to be participating today in the inauguration of the Embassy of Republic of Kosovo in the Republic of Croatia. This is the youngest embassy, of the youngest state, with a very young ambassador.

Kosovo has joined the family of independent states owing to a great resistance that it has staged and to an unreserved support provided by its allies. Above all, this support was a support for human freedom, democracy, peace and stability.

Republic of Croatia was among the first countries to engage in supporting the freedom of Kosovo and its independence and to pave the way for opening the Embassy of Republic of Kosovo, after having recognized its independence.

Today’s event is connected with two other important events that have taken place over the past three days: the day before yesterday, we celebrated Kosovo’s Day of Independence; yesterday we had the inauguration of President Josipović, and today we are opening Kosovo’s embassy.

I had the pleasure to convey messages and appreciations of the people and institutions of Kosovo to the highest institutions and leaders of Croatian state.

Like the representatives of other friend countries, they assured me of their strong support for an accelerated economic growth of Kosovo and for meeting the requirements for integration into the Euro-Atlantic community. President Mesić in Prishtina and President Josipović here and all others have expressed to me their appreciation for the contribution that Croatia Albanians have provided during the Croatian national war for liberation. They say that you, people of Kosovo, and Croatian citizens, have provided a significant contribution to the development of this country and this is what you should keep on doing.

We are all interested to set our pace in the journey on which we have embarked together, so that tomorrow, very soon, Kosovo and Croatia can become members of the European Union. In the meanwhile, I believe that we can draw on good experience that Croatia has gained in providing for its economic growth and in the process of its accession to NATO. Moreover, Croatia is still maintaining the presence in Kosovo of an excellent contingent within KFOR.

All of you present here, you are friends to Kosovo; you are people of Kosovo and you have attentively followed the developments that we have had and many of you have played a role in major processes that Kosovo has gone through.

The declaration of independence was a miracle that happened in Kosovo, and ominous forecasts of those who opposed Kosovo’s independence did not become a reality. Kosovo has maintained its sustainability as a stable state that belongs to all its citizens, regardless of their ethnic background.

Kosovo has pledged to implement the Ahtisaari Proposal in its entirety, for it was a project that was a result of a laborious and long-lasting engagement. Kosovo maintains excellent relations with its neighbors and other countries of the region, with the exception of Serbia, with which we are still facing problems, but we want to have good relations with all the countries, absolutely, including Serbia, because our future depends on our cooperation and accession to the European Union and NATO.

To date, Kosovo has been internationally recognized by 65 countries, has opened 21 embassies and 9 consular missions, has become a member of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and is developing rapidly, in face of obstacles and challenges that lie ahead of us. I trust that Zagreb municipality, Mr. Bandić and his people, will support us in improving the situation in Kosovo and, finally, I would like to express my profound appreciation for all those who are away from their homes and who have been staying here for decades. Croatia is home to you too and its people have said and proved this to be true. Many of you have sacrificed a lot during the war, but when a war is waged for freedom, it always has God’s blessing.

God Bless Republic of Croatia!
God Bless Kosovo’s friends!
God Bless Kosovo!