Republic of Turkey receives President Sejdiu with highest state honors

Republic of Turkey’s highest institutions staged today a grand reception for the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, who is staying on a two-day visit in this friend country, upon an invitation extended to him by President Abdullah Gul.

President Sejdiu started today by visiting Anitkabir Museum, where he placed a flower wreath and paid tribute to the founder of the modern Turkey, the former President Kemal Ataturk, and other martyrs that have fallen for the freedom of this country. Following this, he was received in person by President Abdullah Gul. Having listened to the hymns of the two states, which were played under solemn cannon shootings, President Sejdiu honored the National Guard of Turkey and shook hands with the delegation that accompanied President Gul during the meeting. Both presidents had an eye-to-eye meeting fist. Then they joined the meeting between the two delegations, which confirmed once again the commitment of Republic of Turkey and Republic of Kosovo to strengthening further the brotherly relations that have existed so far between our two countries.

President Gul said Turkey is pleased to see progress being made in Kosovo every day, what he considered serves as another argument that Kosovo is a factor of peace and stability in the region.

“There is an unreserved solidarity between peoples of our countries. We support Kosovo at all international forums in which we participate and we will keep on doing this, by lobbying for the recognition of independence of Republic of Kosovo by as many countries as possible”, President Gul said, maintaining that the recognition of Kosovo by 65 countries around the world and its accession to various international institutions, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, serve as indicators of headway made in Kosovo.

Expressing his belief that the verdict due to be rendered by the International Court of Justice will further the process of Kosovo’s international recognition, President Gul emphasized that Kosovo’s faster integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions and NATO will bring about a permanent peace and stability in the entire region.

“Republic of Turkey has made an example for all Islamic countries of the world by being among the first countries to recognize the independence of Kosovo. Therefore, we will keep on urging the OIC member countries to follow suit, as soon as possible”, President Abdullah Gul affirmed.

Thanking President Gul for the invitation, President Sejdiu said he had come to Turkey to express high appreciation and gratitude of people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo for extraordinary support that Republic of Turkey has and is still providing to our country.

“You have become a part of Kosovo’s history in its road to freedom and independence”, President Sejdiu said, adding that support that Turkey has provided to Kosovo was substantial.

“You stood by us at darkest moments of our history and you are still helping us today, by facilitating both process of recognition and integration and overall economic growth in our country. This is why we are strongly committed to strengthening our relations further for the best of the people of our two countries”, President Sejdiu added.

The same spirit of friendship and understanding also prevailed the meeting with the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mr. Mehmet Ali Shahin, who reaffirmed the commitment of this high state institution to supporting Kosova’s parliamentarians in the future.

Expressing his high appreciation for the cooperation between the two countries, Mr. Shahin said that the respective communities living in our countries constitute a golden bridge to cooperation and friendship between our peoples.

Mr. Shahin also pledged highest leaders of Turkey will maintain contacts with representatives of Organization of Islamic Conference member countries, so as to have them recognize the Republic of Kosovo as soon as possible.