Republic of Kosovo expects the support of the League of Arab States

Today, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Skender Hyseni held a presentation to all the ambassadors to the United Nations of the League of Arab States. The Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conference ambassadors to the United Nations were also in attendance.

“As of 17 February 2008, when she declared its independence, the Republic of Kosovo has become a real success story, to which your countries have provided a valuable contribution”, President Sejdiu said in the beginning of his address to the League of Arab States’ ambassadors.

“Republic of Kosovo has been recognized by 70 countries around the world and we expect that countries that you represent and those that have not recognized the independence of our country yet will follow suit soon, for that would contribute directly not only to the future of Kosovo, but to the future of the entire region”, President Sejdiu said.

Elaborating on the progress made in Kosovo following the declaration of independence, President Sejdiu said that Kosova adheres to fundamental principles of democracy and provides strong guarantees for the rights of all minorities, which are integrated into the institutional life and play an important role in positive processes that take place in the country.

President Sejdiu repeated his request to the countries of the League of Arab States to oppose the draft resolution that Serbia has filed with the United Nations General Assembly.

“Serbia has herself asked for an opinion from the International Court of Justice on the legality of declaration of independence of Kosovo, and now it files a draft resolution that runs completely counter to the court’s opinion. The ICJ has confirmed what we have always said: the declaration of independence of Kosovo is not in breach of international law or Resolution 1244. It is rather an expression of the political will of the people of Kosovo, which was an equal constitutive unit of the former Yugoslav Federation, which has been dissolved because of the very bloody wars that the Serb politics has inflicted”, President Sejdiu added.

In this context, President Sejdiu reaffirmed that Serbia is conducting a destructive politics against Kosovo and making wide-ranging efforts to impede new recognitions and overall progress in Kosovo.  

In his address, Minister Hyseni referred again to the unequivocal opinion of the International Court of Justice on the question that was raised by the Republic of Serbia herself and to its findings in favor of Kosovo on all counts. The Minister also pointed out that the Court itself has introduced all the factual and legal circumstances particular to Kosovo, such as the violent and nonconsensual dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, the adoption of the Security Council Resolution 1244, which aimed at bringing the armed conflict to an end and at resolving the humanitarian crisis in Kosovo, the period of a United Nations interim administration mission and the exhaustion, after many years, of all options for a negotiated solution. Accordingly, Minister Hyseni said, the case of Kosovo cannot represent a precedent to other cases.

Minister Hyseni also joined President’s call to the Arab League ambassadors for challenging the draft resolution proposed by the Republic of Serbia, affirming that such a move would not only be in full compliance with the opinion of the International Court of Justice and contribute to peace and stability in the Western Balkan, but would, in fact, be beneficial to the Republic of Serbia herself. It is obvious – the Minister added – that the draft resolution runs counter to the opinion of the International Court of Justice and, as such, amounts to a lack of respect of and an inacceptable criticism towards the Court and does not contribute at all to the normalization of relations between the two countries or their future in Europe. Finally, Minister expressed his belief that the Arab League will again be on Kosovo’s side, like they were when Kosovo has needed their backing the most.

In the end of the meeting, ambassadors of Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other League member countries reaffirmed their support for Kosovo.