Reconciliation happens rising above ourselves

Rahovec, Suhareka, December 12 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, visited today the memorials in Big Hoça and in Suhareka to commemorate the victims of the recent war in Kosovo and appealed for truth and reconciliation.

After having laid flowers at the memorial in Big Hoça, together with Prenk Gjetaj, President of the Government Commission for Missing Persons, President Thaçi requested that work should be done for truth and reconciliation.

“We have placed flowers at this memorial for 84 Serbian citizens of Kosovo to commemorate the victims, regardless of nationality. We are here to search for the truth and to seek reconciliation”, said President Thaçi.

He added that for the truth sacrifice is required. “For reconciliation, each of us must rise above themselves”, said Thaçi, adding that this should be done on behalf of and in service of the democratic future of Kosovo.

President Thaçi also requested that the fate of the missing to be clarified, justice to prevail and reconciliation to take place as soon as possible.

“Kosovo should not remain hostage of the past, but we must build the European future of Kosovo”, he said. President Thaçi also added that from the meetings he has had with the relatives of the missing persons of all communities, is optimistic for reconciliation in Kosovo.

“During the meeting I have had with the relatives of the missing, I have learned a painful truth, but also optimistic for the future of Kosovo. The relatives of missing persons have told me that the pain has united them and now they are a family that shares the pain but also the desire for reconciliation”, said Thaçi.

According to him, the relatives of the missing persons are an example for others, that we should cooperate with each other to build bridges of dialogue and cooperation.

Whereas, Prenk Gjetaj said that Kosovo’s state institutions continue to work to resolve the fate of the missing persons. “It is the right of families to know the truth about the fate of their family members”, said Mr. Gjetaj.

In Suhareka, President Thaçi placed flowers at the memorial of the Berisha family. “We are here to commemorate the Berisha family and to seek full justice”, said President Thaçi.

“We will maximally work, not negotiate, but to insist that as soon as possible the issue of the missing persons to be clarified”, concluded President Thaçi.