Prime Minister of Albania stages a reception for President Behgjet Pacolli

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, who is staying for an official visit to the Republic of Albania, had a meeting with Prime Minister Sali Berisha, with whom he discussed a range of issues of common interest to both countries.

At the first official meeting with Prime Minister Berisha since his election as head of state, President Pacolli first conveyed to him regards from the people and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and their profound appreciation for everything that Albania and Prime Minister Berisha had done for the state of Kosovo.

President Pacolli briefed Prime Minister Berisha on the latest developments in our country, on the establishment of institutions following last elections, on the work being done and challenges awaiting these institutions and the people of Kosovo in the future and on important stages that the country was going through.

He underlined institutions of Republic of Kosovo needed Albania’s continued assistance, owing to its experience gained on its path towards development and integration into the Euro-Atlantic institutions, which he maintained constituted a permanent objective for the people and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

At this meeting as well, President Pacolli elaborated on the idea of facilitating the movement of people, goods and ideas further. He also laid an emphasis on the need to adjust legislation and provide facilities to businesses in both states.

President Pacolli underlined the need for more frequent meetings, at the highest state levels, for the purpose of setting priorities in terms of cooperation and monitoring implementation of joint projects to the benefit of the people of Kosovo and Albania.

President Pacolli also referred to talks with Serbia, reiterating at the meeting that those talks would never discuss Kosovo’s status or its territorial integrity, but, rather, issues that might contribute to making the lives of the people easier.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania Sali Berisha first congratulated President Pacolli on his election for the important function of the head of state, expressing his belief that he would succeed in overcoming challenges he might come across.

Considering the fact that Mr. Pacolli was conducting his first official visit as President of Kosovo to Albania, Prime Minister Berisha emphasised that the visit would contribute to boosting relations between the two states.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha also said he would do his utmost to get rid of outstanding barriers to the communication between the two states, in every field.

He said Government of Albania would not hesitate to take any decision that might help create a free environment for Albanians in Albania and in Kosovo. “I am willing to get rid of obstacles” – Mr. Berisha added.

Prime Minister Berisha also referred to the talks commenced between Kosovo and Serbia, highlighting that Kosovo’s status and borders would not be discussed.

During today’s meetings, President Pacolli was accompanied by the Minister of Culture with the Government of the Republic of Kosovo Blerand Stavileci and his associates.