President: The Balkans and EU need determination, courage, vision and leadership

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has participated today in the International Conference "Dubrovnik Forum”, where it was discussed about the Adriatic-Mediterranean cooperation and the security of the countries of South East Europe.

In the presence of many representatives from different countries, President Thaçi has talked about various topics that Kosovo and the region is going through.

The President reiterated that Kosovo, as a sovereign state has also a constitutional obligation to form the army, which will be in partnership with NATO.

Speaking about the dialogue on normalizing relations with Serbia, the President has said that it is Kosovo's commitment to continue the dialogue towards normalizing relations.

"We are aware that we have come to a point, in a new process, which should end with full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia," he stated.

Speaking of political developments in the Western Balkan states, President Thaçi said that after several months of political turmoil, the situation in Southeast Europe is being clarified.

"The pro-European Union governments are taking over the power in most Southeast European states.

While there are signs in the EU that European integration policies are triumphing again", stated the President.

The president added that this is why it is important to have these regional forums, where we can discuss the developments in our states.

He has said that if we are slow in integration processes and in cooperation, this does not have to do with the lack of mechanisms that promotes them.

"But this has to do with the lack of courage, vision and leadership. Leadership and vision - to understand that we should look at each other not as enemies but as partners and as a chance", he said.