President Thaçi: We have suffered enough from hatred, it is time for interethnic reconciliation

Pristina, December 15 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has gathered today the Consultative Council for Communities, which has held the general meeting.

At this meeting, President Thaçi has said that 2016 has been a year of successes for the Consultative Council for Communities, as the year of the accreditation of associations, non-governmental organizations, which will be new members of the Council.

According to him, the Consultative Council for Communities has fulfilled its mission in providing a mechanism for regular exchange between the communities and the state institutions in Kosovo, creating opportunities for communities to comment at an early stage the legislative and political initiatives.

The President has emphasized that the state of Kosovo is built on the most important international documents and principles for the protection of human rights and freedoms. He has added that the Kosovo state institutions work for these principles to be accurately applied and for every citizen of Kosovo, regardless of their affiliation, to feel free and equal to any other citizen.

“As a society that has suffered discrimination and exclusion, we deeply understand the importance of the principle for everyone to be treated humanely, equal, respecting the fundamental human rights and freedoms.
Your role in the promotion of these principles is enormous”, said President Thaçi.

He thanked the members of this Council, for their commitment in the fulfillment of the mission, for the construction of a new Kosovo, a European Kosovo, a multiethnic Kosovo.

“We must work together to succeed, and this success must be felt by every citizen, family wherever they live in every corner of the Republic of Kosovo, regardless of ethnicity. We will work hard to continue our efforts for the return of all people who wish to return to their homes and properties”, announced the President.

Speaking about the process of normalization of relations between the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia, the President has appealed to everyone to be part of the process of normalization of these relations and inter-ethnic reconciliation in Kosovo.

“We have suffered enough from hatred and confrontation, so everyone has to look ahead towards the developmental future. All must focus for ethnic reconciliation to occur in Kosovo, as a precondition for a joint life for the development of Kosovo, for the creation of new jobs, for the improvement of social welfare of every citizen of Kosovo”, he said.

President Thaçi has said that this can happen only with the engagement of all. “I feel good that whenever we have contacts with all communities I see the will to live in the new Kosovo, to live together and to feel good and proud of their country, Kosovo, regardless of ethnic differences”, he added.

Whereas, the Chairman of the Consultative Council for Communities, Gazmen Salijević thanked the President of the Republic of Kosovo for the support given to this Council.

He said that the Council aims to promote tolerance and interethnic communication and the development of a better future for all citizens of Kosovo.

“In our mandate, together with all the members of this Council, we promote messages about tolerance, better communication, construction of interethnic trust in Kosovo”, he added.

The President has thanked them for the work they are doing in the promotion of the rights of the communities in Kosovo, encouraging them to work even harder together to strengthen the state of Kosovo, through the promotion of these values.