President Thaçi visited the Chamber of Commerce: visa liberalisation will help integration in international markets

Prishtina, August 2nd 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, visited today the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce. Head of State spoke with the new KCC Chairman, Berat Rukiqi, and with a group of local businessmen, whom he referred to as the men of work and success, who have opened many new work places and who are increasing social wellbeing of our citizens.

“It has always been my determination to preserve the focus of nurturing the partnership between institutions of Kosovo and Kosovar businesses, as a must for the success of our state, for creation of better, more adequate and more attractive business conditions, and attraction of foreign investors to Kosovo” said President Thaci.

Our state has a stability of institutions, a viable stability, and according to President Thaci, it has a very modern legislation, lacking in other countries of the region.

President Thaci also spoke about the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, and stated that it is a process which affects each citizen and each category of the society.

“Earlier an agreement was signed between the Chambers of Commerce of the Republics of Kosovo and Serbia on possibilities for cooperation. It will be important, to in case of achievement of a historic agreement between republic of Kosovo and Serbia for peace, normalisation and reconciliation, which means mutual recognition between two countries, and Kosovo’s membership in all international organisations, including the United Nations” said the President.

The head of state said that it is important to establish a new climate about our state, for a new message to be given stating that Kosovo is a European country, which has a secured journey towards its NATO and EU membership and which also means recognition by the five countries of the European Union.

“Kosovo to be part of the European market, of the European competitiveness, especially now when we are expecting the conclusion of the visa liberalisation process in the coming months” said President Thaci.

The Chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi, said that President Thaci, also in his former institutional and political capacities has shown special care for businesses and the activities of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, and according to him, this today is only a continuation of a permanent communications.

“A communication, now in a different capacity, where the role of the president, in its economic development accent, is a bit more limited, is a guarantee of the functioning of the institutions, and normally, it has its own importance, because, a proper functioning of institutions, a democratic functioning of institutions is a precondition for economic development”, said Rukiqi.

He also added that visa liberalisation will help our country exceptionally in the integration of our economy in international markets, especially in relation to the countries of the European Union.

President Thaçi at the end said that our state will be a state of opportunities and more will be done in bringing of foreign investors to Kosovo.