President Thaçi set off on an official visit to the USA

Prishtina, November 25th 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, departed today for an official visit to the United States of America.

During his stay in Washington, President Thaçi will be holding meetings with senior representatives of the White House, State Department, US Congress and Senate, as well as with personalities who have supported Kosovo’s journey towards its liberation, independence and state building.

At the White House, Presdient Thaaci will be meeting with John Bolton, National Security Advisor of the US President Donald Trump.

President Thaçi will also be meeting with Mike Pompeo, US State Department Secretary

At these two meetings, President Thaçi will be holding discussions related to bilateral relations between two countries, Euro-Atlantic perspective of Kosovo and for the achievement of an all encompassing and legally binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, which ensures Serbian recognition of Kosovo and paves the way for Kosovo’s EU, NATO and UN membership.

President Thaçi will also hold a number of meetings with US Congressmen and Senators, who have supported Kosovo during the last two decades.

Presdient will also be holding a special meeting at Dallas, Texas, with the former US President George W Bush, and with the Albanian –American community of Dallas.

President Thaçi’s visit to Washington takes place at an important period of our country, when Kosovo is engaging in concretisation of its Euro-Atlantic perspective and the achievement of the final agreement with Serbia, which should result in mutual recognition and Kosovo’s UN membership.