President Thaçi requires membership into INTERPOL and the cancellation of arrest warrants of Serbia

Munich, February 19, 2017- The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, in the framework of the Security Conference in Munich had a meeting with the Secretary General of INTERPOL, Jürgen Stock.

At this meeting they talked about the possibility of accepting Kosovo in this organization, and about the manner of deepening cooperation with INTERPOL.

President Thaçi said that Kosovo fulfills all the conditions for membership in INTERPOL.

“We need INTERPOL, but INTERPOL needs Kosovo as well, for as quick as possible information”, added President Thaçi.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of INTERPOL, Jürgen Stock, has emphasized that INTERPOL is open for Kosovo and awaits that the internal procedures to be completed in order to initiate reviewing Kosovo’s application for membership.

With the Secretary General of INTERPOL President Thaçi has also discussed about the issue of the detention of the citizens of Kosovo with Serbia’s arrest warrants, saying that such arrest warrants are unsustainable and politically motivated.

President Thaçi has requested from the Secretary of INTERPOL that all political Serbian arrest warrants to be canceled.