President Thaçi received US Special Representative, Matthew Palmer

Prishtina, November 01, 2019 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today the US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer.

President Thaçi and the US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans discussed about the latest developments and the need to establish institutions of the Republic of Kosovo as soon as possible.

President Thaçi has said that Kosovo is blessed to have continued support from the USA.

“Kosovo is a consolidated democracy, proven in the last elections. It has powerful independent, professional, institutions and freedom of speech”, said President Thaçi.

Special Representative, Matthew Palmer, spoke about how Kosovo can pave the way to peace through a comprehensive agreement with Serbia.

President Thaçi added that Kosovo remains committed to continuing law and order reforms, the strengthening of the Euro-Atlantic future, democratic reforms, and will do its utmost to reach a comprehensive agreement with Serbia, which strengthens peace not only within the two countries, but all over the Western Balkans.