President Thaçi received the EU rapporteur for Kosovo

Prishtina June 5th, 2018 – President of the republic of Kosovo, received today the EU rapporteur for Kosovo, Igor Šoltes.

President Thaçi  thanked the EU rapporteur for all the support to date.

“We are grateful for all your support so far. We are working to provide as many positive arguments for the supporters of Kosovo. We are working towards building of the political consensus gfor the dialogue process with Serbia. Do not forget that there is a perception being formed, that all of the region is being helped appart from Kosovo” , said President Thaci.

On the other hand, EU rapporteur, Igor Šoltes,  said that he is visiting Kosovo in order to obtain as much data as possible for his report to the European Parliament.

“This is why we are here in Kosovo, to gather as much data as possible from the leaders of Kosovo’s institution, for our report to European Parliament” said Šoltes. 

President Thaçi also stated that Sofia Summit made it clear that western Balkans states must build good neighbourly European relations if they want to become part of the European Union.