President Thaçi received Senator Johnson, spoke about the dialogue and strengthening of the peace in the region

Prishtina, September 9th 2018 - The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, today received US Senator Ron Johnson, with whom he discussed the developments in Kosovo and in the region, with special emphasis on the efforts to close the remaining open issues between the countries of the region.

Thanking Senator Johnson for the visit at this time of important developments, according to President Thaçi, as is the resolution of the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece, the head of state stressed that he is endeavouring to reach an agreement that will yield positive effects for the region.

"The agreement will be difficult one to achieve," said President Thaçi, adding that, if achieved, it will be fully in line with the United States and the EU and will be a viable agreement.

On the other hand, Senator Johnson expressed his satisfaction with developments in the region.

"The United States supports all efforts for sustainable peace in the region,” said Senator Johnson.

President Thaçi added that it is important that all leaders of the region are committed to taking such decisions that are beneficial to their own countries, even if these are not popular decision.

Speaking of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, President Thaçi said he was "exploring all possibilities for the agreement" and added that the deal will be "for the benefit of the country, of  the region and in line with the US and the EU.  In the interest of our countries and Western investments in the region. "

"In the end, it will be the citizens who will have the final say on  the agreement," concluded President Thaçi.