President Thaçi received by His Majesty the Emperor Naruhito, discuss the world peace

Tokyo, September 13th 2019 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, was received today by His Majesty, Emperor Naruhito of Japan..

Accompanied by the Officials of the Royal Court, President Thaçi arrived at the Imperial Palace, where he was received by the Emperor Naruhito with the highest respects.

At the meeting with the Emperor, President Thaçi discussed Kosovo’s journey during the post war period.

President Thaci congratulated the Emperor on “Reiwa” era, commenced by his Majesty. Emperor Naruhito expressed his desire for the spirit of harmony to reign in Japan and all over the world.

President Thaçi expressed his appreciation to the Emperor on behalf of the people of Kosovo, for the support which Japan has provided to Kosovo during and after the war.

“We are amicable nations and countries, and we shall remain as such for ever,” added President Thaçi.