President Thaçi proclaims the 2019 terrorist organisations list

Prishtina, June 27th 2019 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, taking into consideration the determination of the Republic of Kosovo to contribute to the regional and European stability and security, its readiness to be a worthy member of the peace-loving nations of the world, issued today a Decree which obligates the security institutions to create a domestic list of persons, groups and organisations involved in terrorist acts, subject to restrictive measures in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

Until the creation of such a list, according to President Thaçi’s Decree, security institutions of the Republic of Kosovo shall implement the European Union List of persons, groups and organisation involved in terrorist acts, updated on January 8th 2019.

Security institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, are obligated to undertake respective restrictive measures in compliance with international practices, against all persons, groups, and organisations included in the European Union List.

Republic of Kosovo has continuously demonstrated its uncompromising support to the war on extremism, radicalism and terrorism, thus becoming a good example for the whole region.

As an active part of the global alliance against terrorism and violent extremism, Republic of Kosovo will continue its close cooperation with the United States of America, European Union and with other partners in elimination of any potential threat to Kosovo and its partners.

This is the 2019 European Union List: