President Thaçi: Next year, determining for the Euro-Atlantic perspective

Prishtina, November 13 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi participated today at the opening of the Conference: “NATO and the Western Balkans: Regional Dynamics in the Era of Global Security Challenges”.

On this occasion, the President stressed that Kosovo was the best example of NATO’s response to the greatest security challenge at the time in Europe

According to him, Kosovo’s freedom was a value that united us, as politicians and citizens of Kosovo, with the supreme value of international security - that of the NATO pact, precisely on its fiftieth birthday.

“KFOR, which is the guarantor of stability in Kosovo, is the most successful peace mission in the world for decades. Kosovo today is a stable state, with clear intentions”, he stressed.

However, the President noted that Kosovo is still facing specific types of paradoxes.

According to him, Kosovo is, without any doubt, the most pro-European, pro-NATO and pro-American state in the world, while it is, at the same time, the most isolated state.

He said that Kosovo is a champion in the region in combating violent extremism and terrorism, despite the fact that we are overlooked and we have not yet become a member of Interpol.

“Kosovo is an example, not only in this part of Europe, for inter-religious and inter-ethnic tolerance, but unfortunately we are not yet admitted to UNESCO because of the political obstacles of Serbia and other countries that misuse UNESCO for political purposes”, he added.

The President further said that Kosovo is the only country in the Western Balkans that some time ago began the dialogue on the historic reconciliation between Albanians and Serbs through the establishment of the Peace and Truth Commission.

“Despite the great tragedy that has been caused to us in the war years, I, as President of Kosovo, but also other politicians of this country, want to close the chapter of hostilities with Serbia, normalizing, through the Brussels dialogue, relations with this neighboring state”, he said.

Speaking about the transformation process of the KSF, the President has announced that by providing support on the amendments to the Constitution for the transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces, Kosovo, in full partnership with the USA and NATO, will create the Armed Forces of Kosovo.

“Of course, Kosovo remains ready to make its modest contribution anywhere in the world, participating in peacekeeping missions, because our goal is to become an integral part of the Partnership for Peace (PFP) and to join NATO”, he said.

Next year, according to him, may be decisive for the Euro-Atlantic perspective of the Western Balkan states.

He added that such opportunities would largely depend on the ability, courage and willingness of our respective states to overcome the problems still open between us.

“I am working hard in this regard, because I do not think there is anything more important than peace, reconciliation and good neighborly relations. Therefore, I believe that during the next year, we must accomplish to sign the historic agreement with Serbia for normalization and reconciliation”, he said.

In the end, President Thaçi has stressed that Kosovo has been, is and will remain the best possible confession of partnership between the people of a small country, namely Kosovo, with NATO, the EU and the West, in general.