President Thaçi met with the representatives of the AKK, Nisma, Serbian List and other non-majority communities

Prishtina, April 2nd 2020 – President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi, continued today the consultations with the leaders of the political parties represented at the Kosovo Assembly, in order to discuss the actual political developments and the issues related to healthcare and security in Kosovo.

President Thaçi had an over the phone conversation with the AKR president and received separately the representatives of the Serbian List, the president of Social-Democratic Initiative, representatives of the non-majority communities and the AAK president.

President Thaçi stated that Kosovo is at a situation where on one side the increased jeopardy from COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and on the other side is the non confidence vote for the Kurti Government on March 25th 2020.

“It is essential that in these circumstances we consult and act responsibly towards our citizens,” said President Thaçi.

At all meetings the President stated that as the president of the country he will act in full conformity with the constitution and the laws of Kosovo.