President Thaçi met the Head of EULEX, discussing about the measures to overcome the pandemic

Prishtina, May 12, 2020 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, met today with the Head of the EULEX Mission, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, with whom he discussed about the developments in Kosovo in the circumstances of the pandemic.

President Thaçi expressed his gratitude for EULEX’s commitment to help the citizens of Kosovo and the law enforcement institutions in these circumstances.

“We are grateful for the support and assistance you have given, both to the citizens and to the law and order institutions in these new unforeseen circumstances”, said President Thaçi.

The Head of EULEX said that the mission he leads has maintained its full capacity and is focused on supporting the citizens of Kosovo to return to the country in the circumstances of the pandemic, but also providing support, especially with equipment, for the system of justice, including correctional institutions.

President Thaçi praised the cooperation of all in overcoming the pandemic.